Smart Utility Solutions

Smart Metering

Metering to Consumer Service (MCS) is much more than standard Smart metering solution. MCS is integration of multi-utility smart metering solution and consumer energy management solution enabling energy savings and load control on complete end-to-end energy utilization chain.

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Consumer Energy Management (CEM)

Consumer Energy Management (CEM) solution enables active participation of consumers on demand side programs allowing consumers to dynamically modify their electric energy consumption and load in response to grid conditions without having any additional equipment at home.

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Smart Energy Management (SEM)

Smart Energy Management (SEM) is designed as advanced smart home and smart building solution enabling energy monitoring and smart energy management designed for advanced consumers and company customers such as office buildings, shops, production facilities or other entities.

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Smart Grid Network (SGMV)

Smart Grid over MV lines (SGMV) data network solution is designed as unique data communication network over MV lines based on state-of-art broadband power-line communication technology (BPL) with LTE, 3G or WiFi for backup communication enabling high-performance, reliable and secured communication network for Smart Grid and Smart Metering applications.

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Smart Street and Public Lighting (SSPL)

Smart Street and Public Lighting (SSPL) is advanced solution based on smart, programmable modules with broadband power line communication enabling energy saving and energy management of street and public lighting as well as implementation of additional applications such as traffic control, parking control, EV recharging station and integration with smart applications.

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UNIT Products

Hardware products are designed as modular products with broadband communication and broadcast, web service oriented data processing between end-point and data center.
Ums is set of software modules for Smart Grid applications integrated in unique software platform for end-to-end energy management from MV grid to the consumer.

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