• SEM is smart solution for energy monitoring, energy management, energy saving, device recognition and device control designed as smart energy solution for advanced consumers and company customers such as office buildings, shops, production facilities or other big energy consumers.
  • SEM improves energy efficiency, saves energy and significantly cut energy bills enabling company customers to have smart energy management and remote control of individual electrical devices such as heating system, air conditioning system, production machines, pumps and other electrical devices enabling smart control of energy usage, consumption and load.
  • SEM is based on hardware modules designed for office, building or production facility grid infrastructure enabling remote control (switch ON/OFF) of industrial electrical devices. Installation of SEM hardware modules is very simple, last several minutes and do not require any intervention on customers grid.
  • Beside electrical device control provided by SEM hardware modules, SEM is designed for integrated control of large scale of smart devices based on ZigBee and ZWave communication technologies such as smart thermostats, smart plugs, smart radiator control units, room control units, cameras, security and access control units and other smart devices all available on the retail market enabling implementation of smart building without need for additional communication h/w or additional smart building management software.


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